Friday, November 4, 2011

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words....

     Then I have a two-thousand word mystery on my hands.  This photo is of my Grandma James' father:  Thomas Braden McConahy, born in April of 1881.  Usually when we look at old photographs of family members we are struck my their homeliness, the odd hairstyles, the unsmiling faces.  But Great-grandpa McConahy is attractive, even by modern standards (although the front curl thing would HAVE to go today!)
     But that is not the mystery on my hands.  These are:

     Two more photographs of decent-looking men.  I think they are the same man, the upper one being a younger version of the lower photo.  
     The mystery?  I have no idea who they are.
     I only have the scanned versions of the photographs and the originals are with one of my sisters.  But they all three deny having the original.  Which means that someone has them but is too lazy to go dig them out and look at them.  
     Why do I want the originals?
     My Grandma James was pretty good about labeling photographs, so I am hoping that the name or names of the subject is written on the back.  So really, all that I want is for one of my sisters to go find the photos, flip them over, and see if there is anything on the backs.
     Which brings me to YOUR family photos.  If you haven't already done so, please start going through them and labeling each one.  Names, dates, places - all of those are important to include.  But so are other things.

     This could so easily be labelled "Betty Jane" and left at that.  ("Betty Jane" being my Mom)  But there are so many things to be addressed.  WHEN was this charming photo taken?  Where was she?  And most importantly:  WHY WAS SHE SUNBATHING IN PUBLIC WITH HER HAIR IN CURLERS?  
     Now THAT story has to be worth at least a thousand words right there.
     And someday I'll tell it to you.

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